About me

My name is Pascal Schroth, I am 24 years old from Germany also known as "The German"and I am a professional Muay Thai and K1 Fighter. I am based in Phuket, Thailand and fighting out of Phuket Top Team. My professional record is a total of 52 fights, 38 wins - 12 losses - 2 draws with 20 knockouts.

I created this website in hopes to inspire others. First let me share with you my story of how I became a fighter. I started to train Muay Thai at the age of 15 in my home city Bremerhaven, Germany. In the beginning of 2010, my first fight was scheduled after about one year of practicing. It was a D class fight which means amateur category. –I won my fight by TKO in round 2. To be honest, I don’t remember much from the actual fight. But the feeling of having this opportunity presented to me, a chance, a first step… I’ll never forget. After this fight, I became curious about this sport and kept going. I won my first 5 fights in a row which made me very proud at that time. 2012 was my first professional tournament. My biggest Challenge at that time. A four-man tournament. It was my night. After 3 Rounds, I won my first fight by points, against the favorite Ilias Essaoudi. Bruised from the first fight, I went into the final where I faced Kaspar Winter Ambus from Denmark. After a Knockdown in the 1st as well as in the 2nd round, I won by points and was the lucky winner of the Body Attack Cup and received my first title.

Changing Point

I was still a student in 2012 so I was just able to train once a day in the evening. I wanted to use my time during school break to grow in the sport. So I visited a summer-training camp, near the city Cologne. It went great. My gym back in Bremerhaven and the gym at the camp cooperated. We worked together on building a bigger Team. My first fight in our cooperation was on my 18th birthday in Germany. I won the fight by points against the strong fighter, Marco Henschke-This summer was the changing point of my career.
My first international fight was in April 2013 in Mallorca, Spain. I fought the 8man tournament, MNL. Unfortunately, I lost by points. But I wasn’t upset to lose this one. With the experience of just 12 fights, this was my time to grow. Every experience is a learning experience.


In 2013, I broke my hand in a fight. I had to recover for a couple of months. My comeback fight was scheduled for February 2014 in Bremen, Germany. It was a “Title Fight” against Martin Hoppe, the trainer that time in Bremen. The stadium was packed. Many of my friends and teammates came to see my comeback. –The support motivated me.
After 3 hard rounds the new “No Compromises FC Champion” was announced, Pascal Schroth. –The audience went crazy.
Four weeks later I got the opportunity to fight for the Rough Diamond League, champion’s belt. My opponent Georgious Kalaklidis, was fighting for the Bonjasky Academy, Almere, Netherlands. In his corner the living legend Remy Bonjasky. It was a very tough fight against the Greek fighter. After 3 hard rounds the decision went to my corner and I was the new Rough Diamond League Intercontinental Champion of 72,5kg. 2014 was my year. On July 5th in Rotterdam, Netherland I had my first chance to become a “European Champion”. My opponent was the local champion, Remco Moerland. The rules were based on K1. -5 rounds of 3minutes. Full action for the WKF European Champion Belt. It was a very exciting fight with two knockdowns in the 2nd round. After 5 hard rounds, the judges decided. Unanimous decision and the new, WKF European Champion from Germany. Pascal Schroth! -A dream came true.
Throughout the year, I fought a couple of more fights in Europe.

And then Thailand

I wanted to grow in the sport and see the origin of Muay Thai and learn from the tradition. So in the beginning of 2015, I decided to move to Thailand. I was ready to learn and develop myself. I stayed in Bangkok for a couple of weeks.  Getting used to the heat and training twice a day was extremely hard. –If you aren’t used to it.
Quickly I realized that Muay Thai and K1 Kickboxing are completely different. Clinching, elbows, different kind of standing positions and footwork. It was all new to me but I was ready to learn. April that same year, I got my first fight offer in Asia. A K1 fight in Guangzhou, China. What seemed to be impossible in the past suddenly became a reality. –I was going to fight in Asia. As soon as the fight was confirmed, things got serious. I got my first infection. It almost made it impossible for me to fight. After a visit to the hospital and a minor operation, I headed straight to the airport. I arrived in China. Fought my fight. Won by KO in round 3. I took my trophy and flew back to Thailand and back to the hospital to work on that infection. –I can honestly say that this experience made me mentally stronger.

Lumpinee stadium

Because of my performance in Pattaya, I got offered to fight in the world famous stadium, Lumpinee in Bangkok. The fight was scheduled on 1st September, 2015. I felt very honored and excited to fight as a foreigner in such a well known Muay Thai stadium. My opponent was a strong fighter from Italy. We fought 5 rounds of 3 minutes.
The audience was incredible. You really could feel how the Thai nation loves Muay Thai. After 5 tough rounds the decision went to the judges. -I won my fights by points.

Thai Fight

24th of October, I was scheduled to face the French superstar, Antoine Pinto in the big show named ThaiFight. The fight was located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Followed by a camera team, we went to the stadium. It was a good fight. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to bring my technics on my opponent and lost my fights by points. -Anyway it was a great experience. In December 2015 I went back to Germany to spend Christmas with my family. In January 2016, I headed back to Thailand to continue my journey towards my dream. I returned to Phuket and kept focus on training and fighting. The time past and I fought some more fights throughout Asia.

Phuket & Real Muay Thai

After living in Bangkok for a few weeks, I moved to the island, Phuket.  There I fought some local traditional, Muay Thai or thaiboxing fights. In August, I was offered to fight in the live show, Max Muay Thai, located in the city Pattaya. It was my first time fighting live, broadcasted on Thai television. I fought the experienced local fighter, Sirimongkol. In the 2nd round I landed a big right elbow that brought my opponent down. The referee started the counting, but he wasn’t able to continue. I won by KO in the second round.


Unexpectedly, I was offered to fight in the biggest tournament in Germany, K1 Germany Grand Prix. Eight-man tournament in the 72,5kg category. Scheduled on May 21st 2016 in the city, Sindelfingen. So my mission was clear, I had to fight this tournament. I flew from Thailand to Germany. After the check-weights, the opponents got randomly picked at the official press conference. My first opponent was the Russian fighter, Artur Scherer.

After a Knockdown in the 2nd round I won the fight by points. In the semifinal I faced the Turkish fighter, Cihad Akipa. I won by decision of the judges. The final was myself vs. the multiple world champion, Alex Schmitt. He was the tournaments favorite with an experience of more than 100 professional fights. It was the third fight of the night but my mind was focused on staying strong. After two minutes in the 1st round, I landed a big left hook on the jaw of Alex Schmitt. He fell down. The referee started the count. He wasn’t able to stand up and continue the fight. -After three tough fights in one night I was proudly announced, the new and first, K1 Germany Grand Prix Champion.

Phuket Top Team

A week after my win in the K1 Germany Grand Prix, I returned back to Phuket, Thailand. Straight away I began cooperating with Phuket Top Team, a decision that I don’t regret… Things turned out great. I’m proud to be in the PTT fight team as well being a coach. Since August ’16 I’ve been ruling the K1 Kickboxing program with great success.


Today, with things going so well at PTT, I’ve settled in Phuket, made myself a home and continue to follow my dream. My journey is not over, it has just begun.
Your life is your message to the world, make sure it’s inspiring.
I want to thank everybody who has been a part of my journey and supported me. I created this website in the hopes to inspire people. –Don’t let anybody say you can’t, you can if you want to.
I am living my dream and you can do it as well!



“The German”