Hey everyone,

First of all, thank you for the support. The last past days were quite busy but exciting. I recently fought in China and just came back to Phuket. On this Blog I will always keep you guys updated about upcoming fights, my training, thoughts and everything else what is going on in the ”fightworld”. Its a pleasure for me to have you guys a part of my journey.

About my last fight

On November 5th, 2016 I fought in Rizhao, China in the show, WKPL Dream Hero. It was the second time for me fighting in for this organization. After my holiday in Iceland, I had about three weeks to prepare for the fight. With the help of my great coaches and teammates, I was ready to fight.
Next station, China. It took me two flights to arrive in Zengzhou. At the airport the WKPL team greeted me and brought me to a hotel. At the hotel they told me that we would have to take the bus tomorrow to change the city. Wouldn’t be a problem, I thought. The next day we met at 9am in the lobby to take the bus. What I didn’t know, the city we were going to was 700km away from where we were. We spent crazy 10 hours in this bus. We finally arrived to Rizhao late that night.

Exhausted, we went to sleep straight away. The official weight check was the following day at the hotel, at 8am. All fighters had arrived and we all were ready to see if we had made the weight.
A camera team was there as well to follow the process and picture the fight pairs.
My opponent was a Chinese guy named Wangxiaojun. We both were at the weight limit of 75kg. Usually I fight in a lower weight class, but this time I didn’t mind. So I was able to fight in the weight, I’m normally in without having to cut weight.

After the check weight was over, everybody went straight to the buffet. We recovered and just relaxed in the hotel room for the rest of the day. Early next day-Fight day, we went to the stadium to go over the program of the evening. The event was held in an Olympic swim arena.
The ring was built high on constructions, placed inside of the drained pool. Very interesting. Haha…

After everything was wrapped up, we went back to the hotel to nap and eat before the fight.

At 6pm all fighters were transported by bus to the stadium. You could notice that the atmosphere and everyone’s mood had changed. There was no laughing anymore, everybody had their headphones in and listened to their music bringing themselves in fight mode.
The stadium was full already when we arrived, everyone waiting to see some action.
We went to our locker room and started to prepare. My fight was the 3rd of the evening. I wrapped my hands and prepared myself mentally for the fight. As soon as I got my gloves on, a coordinator rushed into our room and said I am the next one. The guy before me lost by KO.
Actually I wasn’t ready yet, but I went with them behind the stage. Waiting for the event host to call me in. Than it was time, they announced my name and I felt like I went into trance.
When I entered the ring, I felt like this was the place to be. Doing what I should be doing.
Being a fighter, that’s what I’m meant to be. The fight started and I quickly realized that my opponent was southpaw, left handed. I attacked him with right high kicks and was able to land a knee to his face. He was knocked down but recovered after a eight-count by the referee. The fight continued.
I landed a left hook that made him dizzy. I followed with a jumped knee in his face that gave me the win by KO in the 1st round. I was very happy to win, but before celebrating I went down and showed respect to my opponent. Something I think is a very important thing in being a fighter. RESPECT and HUMBLENESS.

After the last fight of the night everybody went back to the hotel. We ate a bit, drank a beer and laughed, everyone in a good mood. My good mood changed when I realized that we had to drive again 10 hours back to the other city. But it was okay, we made it. Slept one night in Zengzhou and went to the airport at 5am. Always long travels, but it was worth it. I took again two flights and 1,5 hours taxi to finally come back to Phuket. Finally, I arrived to Phuket on Monday night, exhausted but happy.

All my trips to fights are always productive, even if the travels can be long and annoying. You always meet new people, learn new stuff. See new cultures or different places. For me is going to a fight like a small adventures what forms your personality and character. In this case ….

Die with your memories, not dreams…</