Hey guys, I’m currently in Bangkok. Today is fight day. I’m fighting in the WMC King’s Cup, King Rama 9. A four man Muay Thai tournament in honor of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

I had to drop around 5 kg to be on weight, this time I’m fighting at 71kg. My preferred way of dropping weight and what seems to work well for me, is first, to reduce my carbs from low carbs to almost no carbs during the week before the fight. I do a few changes in my eating habits for example, from white rice to brown rice or steamed fish or a grilled unseasoned chicken breast.
Then I sweat off the water weight in the sauna, a day or two before the fight. I wear a sauna suit and can usually drop around 4kg in an hour.  I do maybe 15-20 minute sessions  with a few minute break between.   I usually go to Santosa, wellness spa at Kata beach. They have a great sauna and ice bath and just for 100 baht!

The last two days before the weigh in, I drink less than usual. After the sauna I just drink a few sips of Coke Zero for example. Something that just goes straight through your body.

We arrived yesterday to Bangkok, we had a few hours before the weigh in so I did one more short sauna session at the Hotel, which was fine.

I’m traveling with my teammate Candice Mitchell, who is also fighting in this event, my trainer Kru Dam, my bro Marcus and my girl Aldis. It’s always a lot of fun going to these events, fun and work.

Yesterday was the official weigh in, I was exactly on weight, at 70,9kg. Though, I had to strip down completely naked to be on weight, haha but it was ok. Just two medical examiners and me.

To bring my weight back up, I like to drink coconut water, which is full of natural electrolytes. Also sugared drinks to give me some quick energy and of course water.

Today is fight day and I am completely recovered. My first opponent in the tournament is a strong fighter from South Africa, Jarred Rothwell.
It’s really a great honor for me to fight in the world famous King’s Cup. To be offered to fight in a Muay Thai event in honor of the King… there are no words. I know that this event is very important for the Thai nation and all I can say is thank you for letting me be apart of it.


I had a hard preparation and can’t wait to show my performance in such an important event. I’m also very proud to represent my country Germany in this international tournament.

Now, I will rest a little bit more before the storm starts tonight.

Again, thanks a lot for your support. It really motivates me !