This past year has been eventful. Lots of great things happened that I’m very great full for. This year past by very quickly.

The year started with many uncertainties. Going from gym to gym, not knowing what the future had. I’ve always had my mind set and my goals clear in sight. That’s the only thing that was for sure.

APRIL 2016

April 2016 was a busy month. I spend the whole month in China. I was scheduled to fight for WBK 13 in Ningbo, China. Winning that fight and making a good impression, I got offered to fight again that same month. So I stayed in China. Same thing with the next one, ending with me staying in China for one month. Fighting four fights and winning them all by KO.
I made great connection while I was there. The time was well spent to build up my name in China. After that eventful month I was hungry for more. I had a lot of confidence and had an opportunity to fight back home in the K1 Germany Grand Prix.

MAY 2016

In May 2016 I flew to Germany to fight in the K1 Germany Grand Prix. I knew that this tournament could be my breakthrough in my career. With a lot of hard work and dedication I won that Champions belt.

I returned back to Thailand a few days after the tournament. Still not sure what was next but always my goal in sight. A few days after my arrival, Phuket’s Top Team Boyd Clarke contacted me. We discussed my future plans about joining the Phuket Top Team family. I gladly accepted their offer and I couldn’t be more satisfied with that decision.
Now six months later I am ruling my own K1 Kickboxing class and proudly fighting out of Phuket Top Team.

JUNE 2016

Officially started to train and fight in the PTT Team. Things started to work out.


In my personal life great things happened as well. In June, I moved together with my girlfriend into our house in Phuket, leaving the place where I had stayed for over a year. We built a home and got our little pit bull puppy, Hanuta.
11th of August I had my first K1 class. The class was very successful and I received great feedback.


In September I had my 23rd birthday.
After a few more fights representing Top Team I got a new sponsor, Booster FightGear. They help me a lot with the best trainings equipment available.


In October me and my girlfriend travelled to her home country, Iceland to visit her family and have a short holiday. Shortly after our trip I had an upcoming fight in China.


I fought twice in this month. Once in China winning by KO and once in ThaiFight AirRace 1. Even though I lost my fight in ThaiFight, every experience is a learning experience. It was a great honor to fight for this Organisation against the Thai superstar Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee. After this fight I was very motivated to improve my MuayThai skills. In this month I also started cooperation with my sponsor Thai4More.


Aside the K1 Germany Grand Prix, I had my biggest fight opportunity of the year. I was offered to fight in the King Rama 9 Memorial Muay Thai tournament, (former KINGS CUP).
I accepted it of course, looking forward to fight the most important Muay Thai event in Thailand in honor to the late King.
My hard training paid off. I made history by being the 3rd foreigner winning that tournament in the events history.


Currently I am in Germany, celebrating Christmas and New Years with my family and friends as well as ruling a few seminars.

I want to officially thank everybody who supports me in any way.         A big thanks to my team in Phuket Top Team. To my trainers and teammates who always helped me preparing for my fights and improving my skills.

Special thanks to my sponsors Booster FightGear and Thai4More, thanks a lot.
My family and friends, huge thank you for always having my back and supporting me.
My girlfriend deserves also a special thanks for being super supportive in every way. Big love, thank you so much.
For all of my followers, I hope I can inspire you guys with my journey through the fighting world. I want to thank you guys for believing in me, reading my posts and staying updated. Really means a lot to me.

I wish all of you guys a Happy New Year 2017 !