Hey guys,

It’s been a while since I posted something. A lot of great things have happened in the last few weeks.
So let me update you guys… starting with the perfect ending of the past year and the start of 2017.

I spent Christmas and New Years in Germany.
We spent two amazing weeks exploring Germany, spending quality time with the family and visiting friends. Living abroad can be very tough.
I miss my people back home but I can’t describe how much support I get from them. My fighting career started in Germany, I always think back whenever something happens in my career. My roots are in Germany. Even though I’m in Thailand, my roots stand strong back home. I try to visit home at least twice a year.

So with that I wanted to use my time visiting, to also work. I managed to have two seminars, one in Taifun Luta, Dusseldorf and one in Siam Muay Thai Twistringen. Having the seminars worked out great. We made it into a fun road trip, drove out there a day earlier, explored other city’s around, blasted music and had fun. It was my girlfriends first time in Germany, so being able to show her this and that was awesome.

The seminars were very successful with great feedbacks. The participants were both professional fighters as well as complete beginner level. The style I am teaching is ‘Dutch Muay Thai’, it’s based on my experience in Dutch Kickboxing and Muay Thai.
Check out some photos from the seminars here > Taifun Luta & Siam Muay Thai.

Being home in Germany is always great but coming back to Thailand feels also like coming home.
My decision two years ago, to move to Thailand has definitely paid off. Hard work pays off.

I was nominated ‘Fighter of the Year 2o16’ for GNPGround and Pound– and GFNGerman Fight News– that resulted in receiving the title “Kickboxer des Jahres” or “Kickboxer of the year 2016”.
I’m extremely great full for both the nomination and the voting. These titles I will proudly hold.

I came back to Thailand in the middle of January. Since I arrived back, there has been no break.
It’s high season and the gym is very busy. I am doing a lot of PT and helping fighters out in their preparation for their upcoming fights. I am very great full that I can help fellow fighters in their development. The K1 Dutch Kickboxing Class I am ruling at Phuket Top Team is growing and growing.
It’s great to see such a progress.

For some time I’ve been working on starting my brand.
A dream became a goal, a goal became a reality. Now was the time to finally launch it. Things so far are going really great and soon I’ll be able to show you guys what I’ve been working on.
I have a scheduled fight next month but more on that later. 2017 is promised to be an exciting year. Stay tuned.