Hey guys,
So unfortunately I didn’t bring in the win last Saturday against the Thai Superstar Sudsakorn Sor. Klinmee. I lost the fight by decision after 3 rounds.

There have been a lot of discussion over the results from this fight. Was it a clear win? Maybe, just maybe… was he anyways, supposed to win? 
Now to make it clear, I’m not bitter. Actually, I am proud of myself. But I still, with FULL respect for Sudsakorn, (who I’ve actually got’n to know and can honestly say he’s a great guy) have some thoughts over the fight. If you want to know my opinion then keep reading, if not…

I was looking for a tough fight and wanted to prove myself in a hard fight against one of the best fighters in the world. What I didn’t expect is this was kind of a “entertainment fight” or “fight for show”.
There was a lot of avoiding of confrontation.. a lot of running and pushing away or stalling until the referee would break the fight. I guess people could say that this style of fighting is “smart” as in making sure to not get any injuries. In my eyes, it was.. let’t do anything but fight until the bell rings!

I am just disappointed. But not in my self OR the result. I’m not a sore looser who’s now making excuses. I’m disappointed in the situation and the facts. The facts being that I had no chance to win that fight. No chance at all. Maybe I should have entered the ring in a Pikachu costume..

All jokes and thoughts aside tho, I have full respect for Sudsakorn, he IS one of the best with over 400 fights! He has made great success and still at a young age. He’s a role model to many. Including myself in some ways. He has is own gym in Thailand and just opened one in China. (The check weight and press conference was held in his gym btw… )

But I’m a fighter who isn’t afraid of anyone. When I fight, I fight with my heart until the END. And I want to fight the best! So, win or not, fighting Sudsakorn was fighting one of the best it was still a chance to show the world that nobody should underestimate me. There are some things that I wouldn’t feel right to mention in here as I’m not here to diss anyone but I’m a little pissed off with all this but hey.. this is the fightworld. We got to keep our head up and that’s exactly what I’m doing! Every experience is a learning experience.

I’ve been proving people wrong my whole life.

I thank you all for the support and encouraging words that I’ve received. I’ve always said that I hope to be able to inspire others. I have to mention this guy who came straight up to me after the fight and told me that he was a big fan of mine and that he follows my career and he was very happy to watch my fight vs Sudsakorn live. He sad that he looked up to me and asked if I could give him one of my Team Schroth T-Shirts.. That was a moment that I really appreciated and it was an honor for me to give him my team shirt. He was so grateful and repeatedly said  “thank you” “thank you” “thank you”. Hahaha it was very funny and very cute! These are the highlight moments..


After the fight, we flew from Nanjing to Chengdu where we spent one night. There we had a little down time, some time to chill. I found out that my good, old friend Serdar Karaca from Germany was there in the same city. He is the Kunlun Fight Team head coach and lives currently in Chengdu.  We were able to meet up and spend a really nice day together at city center or the Panda City. I was really happy to meet an old friend, half way across the world. It’s just amazing.

From Chengdu we traveled by bus to the EMEI-Legend headquarters. Where I will fight in 70Kg K1 Superfight against Zhao Xiaoyu tomorrow Friday the 31st of March!


It was a lot a traveling and layovers but with the support and help from Kru Dam there’s not a bored second.

Also we have another Phuket Top Team fighter, fighting in the event so that makes a huge difference having great company here.
My friend and teammate Arthur Soror aka. Black Dragon is fighting against Zhoa Chuanlin in 65kg.
With him is Kru Pat, on of the great PTT trainers.

Yesterday we had a photo and videoshoot. It was very funny… there was some acting involved.. lets just say I’m not born to be an actor :’D But I enjoy every moment of my journey here!

Official press conference and check weight was held this morning, at the Jinrui Garden Hotel and I weighed in at 69,7 kg. I feel stronger then ever and ready! Tonight we had a rehearsal at the stadium. It all went good, now it’s time to rest up before the fight.

Tomorrow it’s time. Pascal Schroth 🇩🇪 vs. 🇨🇳 Zhao Xiaoyu.
I am more than ready to show everybody in the world who I am #TheGerman🇩🇪 👊


Thanks a lot for your support and being a part of my journey through the fighting world !
Big thank you to my sponsors!