Hey guys,
Happy and exhausted I have arrived back to Phuket, Thailand now. China was like always, a great adventure. Here’s a quick statement about my fight last Friday in EM-Legend.

It was my first time fighting for Emei-Legend and I can say I really enjoyed it. Very well put together organization. I fought against the strong Chinese fighter Zhao Xiaoyu in a K1 Superfight. The fight was held in a big stadium in the city Emei, China.

We were both on weight at the official press conference on Thursday and we had enough time to recover and gain some of the weight back. On fight day everything went like planned. Very organized.

We arrived to the stadium around 4pm, watched the first fights and then I prepared myself for my fight.
It was a big event and broadcasted live on Chinese Television. Huge stage with live DJ’s who announced the fighters in. As soon as I was announced to enter the ring my heart started pouncing and I got goosebumps all over. I was ready to entertain the people and perform well.

At the very beginning of first round, I realized quickly that this would be a tough fight. My opponent started straight away with some heavy punches. We were both going forward the whole fight. He wasn’t backing down and neither was I.

In the second round I was able to knock my opponent down with a left hook on the jaw but he stood up straight away.
I kept the pressure going forward, following with some heavy hands and knees until I landed a left body punch straight in his liver. He knocked down and the referee started counting. After an 8-count, he recovered and was able to continued to fight. –The audience went crazy. Our fight was very entertaining for the audience.

The fight went on for 3 full rounds and the decision went to the judges. 3 rounds of full action and the winner was announced, Pascal Schroth !


Happy but completely exhausted after the fight, I went for a quick photoshoot and an interview were I was told that I was the first German ever to fight in EM-Legend. Hearing that I couldn’t feel greater. I am proud and honored to represent my home country Germany and in such an event.

After the fight we went back to the hotel and fell a sleep straight away. We spent the next two following days with some friends who showed us a little bit around Chengdu. We were there during a Chinese holiday and the streets were filled with people celebrating. I tried to ask around what the celebration was about.. but with little to English around, I got no clear answer :’D but it was fun to see a bit of the Chinese culture.

However, I couldn’t wait to go back home where I’ve got my little family there waiting for me.
I arrived to Phuket this morning, had my K1 class at Phuket Top Team which was great like always! and then my mom also arrived today from Germany for a visit. So, the business continues but no complaints because life is beautiful!