Hi guys,
This week is fight-week and I am ready!

I will fight on Saturday 5th of August in Top King World Series.
The event will be held in Narathiwat, Thailand.

It’s a 16-man tournament separated in multiple events. It’s a KO system. If you win your first fight than you will fight in the next event again and so on.

My opponent unfortunately had to drop out of the fight last minute but I have a new opponent, his name is Anes Lakhmari from France, fighting out of Singpatong gym, Thailand.

I’ve had a good preparation and I’m really looking forward to this fight.
I’m traveling with my coach Kru Dam as always as well as Kru Athit, a PTT trainer and fighter. We’ll both be fighting in this event.
To be honest, I’m so happy to be fighting in Thailand this time, it’s a little less travel haha!

When there is a Livestream for the fight, I will post it later on. Check also on my social media.