Hi guys,

I won my fight last week in TopKing World Series via. KO after 20sec in the first round. As soon as the fight started I was able to land a right elbow right on the head of my opponent, Anes Lakhmari from French. Big Respect to him. Now I am qualified for the quarterfinal in the next event. It’s supposed to be on September the 30st. But more details on it later !TopKing 16 man tournament

The event was held in Narathiwat, South Thailand. It was an open air event. I fought just twice before on an open air event but I can tell you guys, it’s incredible. I love it. This time we weren’t so lucky and it started to rain right at the beginning. So we fought in rain on a slippery ring. It was on amazing experience. I remember when I stood in the ring,….- the referee is going over the rules … I am staring into my opponents eyes and feel the cold rain dripping down on my body…-  It was just awesome.

What wasn’t so awesome, was the 12 hour bus travel from Phuket to Narathiwat. But time passed by quickly since I was in good company 😄

Narathiwat was a place, I’ve never seen in my life before.
Armed soldiers everywhere. Wherever you went, you saw armed soldiers in the street, checking on certain people or cars. Even in front of 7/11 supermarket, a big car with Maschine guns. After 7pm the streets were almost empty. Most of the shops were closed…. Nobody in the street anymore except armed soldiers. I’ve never experienced something like this in my life. It felt like we really were in a dangerous area. But the people we’ve met through the days we have stayed there were extremely friendly and happy to see foreigners in their area. Even the serious looking soldiers allowed me to take a picture with them 😜

All in all,

it was a very exhausting but successful trip. After the fight I took a rest of one week and relaxed. Today is Sunday, so tomorrow I will start again slowly to prepare myself for the next challenges !

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Big thank you in the end to everybody who supports me in any way. Thank you for all the messages and congratulation wishes. Thanks also to my sponsors Booster Fightgear and Thai4More.




Die with your memories, not dreams…

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