On June 7th, 2014, I fought for the WKF European Champions Belt. The fight was located near Rotterdam, Netherlands. My opponent was the European Champion and title holder, Remco Moerland, from Netherlands. The fight was based on K1 rules with five rounds, each round three minutes with a one minute break.
The stadium was packed. Most of them fans from my opponent, the local champion.
In the crowd of all the Netherlands guys, I spotted a few of my family members, who had travelled from Germany to Netherlands to support me. –That motivated me a lot.
I still appreciate the support from them.

I was announced first into the ring. I heard a couple of people clapping their hands and the voices of my family. I stood in the ring when my opponent was announced.
The whole stadium was supporting him with big applause and screaming.


I was ready to show everybody who I was. I was hungry for that title and I wanted everybody to know that. As soon as the fight started I tried to pressure my opponent
on the first minute. I had good preparation and felt physical as well as mentally very fit. We both were throwing good hand combinations and combined them with kicks or knees. My opponent was my height, which means I had another game plan than usual.
I tried to block his attacks and counter straight away. In the 2nd round I was able to knock him down. The referee counted to eight but he recovered and the fight continued.
-I was in a rush.
I just went forwards and kept the pressure so I was able to bring him down the second time in that round. -The referee counted. In my mind I saw already how the belt was going to be in my hands. But not yet. He recovered and the bell rang for break.
3rd and 4th round were also very exciting. Unexpectedly he came back very strong.

He was looking for a knockout. –The stadium went crazy. They loved the way we fought.
It was very tough, hard but fair. The fight went over all five rounds. After five rounds full of action, the decision went to the judges. The winner by majority decision was announced Pascal Schroth!
After the fight a realized that the Netherlands fans were true supporters of this sport.
They were happy even when their favorite lost. But they were happy because they saw a fight between two sportsmen where neither one of us wanted to give up, both fighting with great passion. We earned their respect. Over all, it was a really nice experience for me.
This fight showed me real fairness and respect from the fans. I learned that even when you are the underdog and the support is in your opponent’s side, it’s a competition were the better sportsman wins.
Fight with a pure heart and stay humble. Respect all your opponents and never underestimate somebody.