On the May 21st 2016, I fought the first K1 Germany Grand Prix in Sindelfingen, Germany.
It was the first eight-man, K1 tournament in Germany.
It was held in Glaspalast, stadium.
The official check-weight and press conference was on Friday 20th of May, in the stadium. The opponents were randomly picked by hand.
My first opponent was the WKU European Champion, Arthur Scherer. After three hard rounds and an eight count in the 2nd round, I won the fight by majority decision. In the semifinal I faced “The Punisher” Cihad Akipa. He’s an ISKA European Champion as well as a German ISKA Champion and WFMC World Champion.
I was able to break his game plan and close the distance. It was a tough fight, but the win was in my hands after three hard rounds.


So the final was myself against the tournaments favorite and a multiple World
Champion Alex Schmitt, with an experience of more than 100 professional fights.
It was the last fight of the night and my personally, most important one.
I was ready to go all-in, in order to win the championship.

I was hungry for victory.

My motivation was bursting. I knew it was all or nothing. As the fight started,
I used in my advantage, my reach. After a second body punch from him, I followed
my instinct and was able to land a counter left hook on his jaw. As soon as he fell to
the ground, the referee started the count. One, two, three… my heart pounded with
the count of the referee.
The crowd was shouting. The victory was mine.
Winner by KO in the final fight: And the winner of the K1 Germany Grand Prix,
Pascal “The German” Schroth!
Big respect to all my opponents and thanks a lot to all my supporters.