My first chance to fight for a title was in 2012 on April 21st, in Pinneberg, Germany. It was a four-man tournament in the weight class 72,5kg. It was my first professional fight. The opponents were picked randomly after the weight check. My first opponent was the much more experienced fighter, Ilias Essaoudi. He was the favorite of the tournament. I knew that I had to fight differently in a tournament than in a single fight. So my team and I made a special game plan to fight smarter in case I would fight again in the final, later on. I felt ready. I tried use my distance and lock my opponent as soon as he came close. I threw boxing combinations and combined them with low kicks. As soon as my opponent attacked me, I tried to disturb him straight away. The fight went good. After three hard rounds.

I won my fight by majority decision.

I was qualified for the final. In the final and the 2nd fight of the night, I faced the experienced Muay Thai fighter from Denmark, Kaspar Winter Ambus. With a swollen, sprained foot and wounded shins from the first fight, I prepared myself for the 2nd fight. I was almost unable to fight again, but my will to win this tournament was limitless.
After a couple of seconds in the first round, I landed a big right hand on the jaw of my opponent which knocked him down. The referee counted to eight, but he was able to recover so the fight continued. This knockdown gave me a lot of motivation and I was hungry for the victory and looking for it while I tried to pressure my opponent. Early in the 2nd round, I knocked my opponent down again. I landed an unexpected punch called “superman punch”. But he recovered again. It was a very tough fight.

After three exciting, hard rounds the decision went to the judges. Winner by majority decision and the new Body Attack Cup Winner was announced: Pascal Schroth!
This tournament was my first professional tournament. I learned that you have to fight smart. If you have to fight two, three or more times in one night. I also learned that there are a lot of techniques that we can use in a fight. When you are injured, you have to change your style and use the uninjured “weapons”. I thought I had to stop in the final because I had a swollen, sprained foot. I listened to the advice from my coaches. I stopped kicking on this leg and focused more on my boxing skills and knees. This tournament win proved to me that if you set your mind to it, anything and everything it is possible.

Die with your memories, not dreams…