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Hi Leute,

es ist schon eine Weile her seit meinem letzten Post. Ich habe beschlossen meine zukuenftigen Posts in deutsch zu schreiben, um es den einen oder anderen leichter zu machen, meine Reise zu verfolgen.

Zur Zeit befinde ich mich in der Vorbereitung fuer meinen naechsten Kampf bei Top King World Series am 30. September in China. Mit meinem letzten KO Sieg bei TopKing habe ich mich ins Achtelfinale qualifiziert. Ich fuehle mich super vorbereitet und es sind noch 2 Wochen bis zum Kampf.

Pascal 'The German' Schroth in TopKing Semi Finals

Phuket Top Team ist zurzeit sehr besucht. Momentan haben wir viele bekannte Fighter von grossen Organisatoren, die sich im Top Team auf deren naechsten Kaempfe vorbereiten.

UFC Veteran Thiago Tavares and K1 Headcoach Pascal Schroth

Aldir Junior ,BJJ Blackbelt zusammen mit UFC Fighter Bethe "Pitbull" Correia.                                                                                              

Momentan ist auch UFC Veteran Thiago Tavares im Top Team zur Vorbereitung auf seinen naechsten Kampf. Nachdem er 18 Kaempfe in der UFC absolvierte wird er nun am 14. Oktober sein Debut bei ACBC geben.


'Cris Cyborg' the world best female fighter in history.

Hier ein spontanes Foto mit Cris Cyborg. Riesen Respekt an diese Frau. Sie ist seit 12 Jahren ungeschlagen, und ein grosses Vorbild fuer viele Kaempfer. Cyborg kommt regelmaessig ins Top Team. Neben ihrer Seminarreihe PinkBeltFitness und dem Urlaubsfeeling hier auf Phuket geniesst sie ebenso das harte Training im Phuket Top Team. Aus Respekt hat sie ihren erst kuerzlich gewonnenen UFC Guertel im Buero ausgelegt und steht nun Fans und Besuchern zum betrachten oder Fotos schiessen zur Verfuegung.

Phuket Top Team - The Champions Home

Pascal Schroth aka. The German at TopKIng World Series Muay Thai tournament


Hi guys,

I won my fight last week in TopKing World Series via. KO after 20sec in the first round. As soon as the fight started I was able to land a right elbow right on the head of my opponent, Anes Lakhmari from French. Big Respect to him. Now I am qualified for the quarterfinal in the next event. It's supposed to be on September the 30st. But more details on it later !Pascal Schroth aka. The German at TopKing World Series Muay Thai tournamentTopKing 16 man tournament

The event was held in Narathiwat, South Thailand. It was an open air event. I fought just twice before on an open air event but I can tell you guys, it's incredible. I love it. This time we weren't so lucky and it started to rain right at the beginning. So we fought in rain on a slippery ring. It was on amazing experience. I remember when I stood in the ring,....- the referee is going over the rules ... I am staring into my opponents eyes and feel the cold rain dripping down on my body...-  It was just awesome.

What wasn't so awesome, was the 12 hour bus travel from Phuket to Narathiwat. But time passed by quickly since I was in good company 😄

Phuket Top Team Crew

Narathiwat was a place, I've never seen in my life before.
Armed soldiers everywhere. Wherever you went, you saw armed soldiers in the street, checking on certain people or cars. Even in front of 7/11 supermarket, a big car with Maschine guns. After 7pm the streets were almost empty. Most of the shops were closed…. Nobody in the street anymore except armed soldiers. I've never experienced something like this in my life. It felt like we really were in a dangerous area. But the people we've met through the days we have stayed there were extremely friendly and happy to see foreigners in their area. Even the serious looking soldiers allowed me to take a picture with them 😜

Pascal Schroth aka. The German at TopKing World Series Muay Thai tournament
The German with armed soldiers in Narathiwat



All in all,

it was a very exhausting but successful trip. After the fight I took a rest of one week and relaxed. Today is Sunday, so tomorrow I will start again slowly to prepare myself for the next challenges !

To see the full fight, check out my Facebook Athlete page. Leave a review on my page if you guys like the stuff I am doing.

Pascal Schroth aka. The German at TopKing World Series Muay Thai tournament
The German win via Knockout at TopKing World Series




Big thank you in the end to everybody who supports me in any way. Thank you for all the messages and congratulation wishes. Thanks also to my sponsors Booster Fightgear and Thai4More.




Die with your memories, not dreams…

#TheGerman #TeamSchroth


Hi guys,
This week is fight-week and I am ready!

I will fight on Saturday 5th of August in Top King World Series.
The event will be held in Narathiwat, Thailand.

It's a 16-man tournament separated in multiple events. It's a KO system. If you win your first fight than you will fight in the next event again and so on.

My opponent unfortunately had to drop out of the fight last minute but I have a new opponent, his name is Anes Lakhmari from France, fighting out of Singpatong gym, Thailand.

I've had a good preparation and I'm really looking forward to this fight.
I'm traveling with my coach Kru Dam as always as well as Kru Athit, a PTT trainer and fighter. We'll both be fighting in this event.
To be honest, I'm so happy to be fighting in Thailand this time, it's a little less travel haha!

When there is a Livestream for the fight, I will post it later on. Check also on my social media.



Hey guys,

Phuket Top Team's Kru Dam!

I am currently in Emei-Shan, China where the event EM-LEGEND will be held tomorrow.

After a long travel with multiple flight delays from Hong Kong to Shenzen then Chengdu, we finally arrived to Emei-Shan yesterday.

I'm here with my trainer Kru Dam which is always great and makes the travel and this journey easy!

Even though the travel can be exhausting,
when entering that ring, it's is all worth it!


Today was the official press conference as well as the weight checks.
At 69,4kg I was perfectly on weight. Tomorrow I will fight against Yodwicha in the main event, last fight of the evening. It's a K1 Superfight in the 70kg weight category.



Pascal Schroth vs. Yodwicha!

is known as one of the best in the fighting business and especially cause of his win against the Muay Thai legend Saenchai.

Tomorrow I have the chance to prove myself and fight one of the best of the best and I feel more than ready for it.


But for now it's time to rest and recover. If there is a livestream link for the fight, I will post it later on my social media.



Hey guys,

its Monday and I'm heading to China tonight for my fight in EM Legend.
I've been in fight preparation but over the past year, my fight preparation has changed a lot. I wanted to share with you how and why. So, the topic came up this weekend when I ran into a friend at the beach and he asked me surprisingly "Aren't you prepping for a fight?", like I should have been at the gym instead of the beach. We got to talking and the conversation topic was not new to me. A lot of times, I get the same questions asked from my students or teammates. “Why am I so exhausted and feel powerless?!”
“Why do I always get these staff infections?!”

Today, the answer for me is actually easy. Overtraining!

But I have to admit it took me a good while to figure it out. For years I would overtrain.
A lot of people overtrain without even noticing it.
When I came to Thailand the first time, I noticed that the training is different then what I had experienced back home. The training sessions here are about 2-3 hours per session including running, skipping, pad work, clinching and a little bit of weight lifting.
After my first couple of trainings sessions I just felt exhausted. I didn't enjoy training anymore, I just kept going cause.. that's what we do right? I'm a fighter so I should train, train and train. I was too proud to skip a session or skip the 10km runs in the mornings before the actual training.
The result of my overtraining was my first (of many) staff infections, on my leg that almost made it impossible for me to fight. I got better, went back to my routine and another infection came along. And then it was a new infection almost every month. I was so upset and starting questioning ,why?!

It effected my training and my mindset.
After multiple times to the doctor looking for advice or a cure. The answer was always the same. My immune-system is weak. I have to rest.

Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.

I used to be obsessed with training and never skipped a session. I would go crazy in my mind, having an upcoming fight and skipping a training session was not an option. Having a beer or a cheeseburger the month of a fight was not an option. Having a social life was not an option. I called it the "Fighter's life".

It was time to change. I tried to follow the advice from the doctor and tried to listen to my body. I have learnt that there is a difference of skipping a session because you are lazy or because you need to recover.

I still train hard but if I need a break, I take one. I mix it up, I do Muay Thai, I run, I do yoga, I swim. I overall stay healthy and fit but still enjoy the other good stuff. Since I have changed my training schedule and my mindset, I never had infection again. And I feel stronger then ever. I feel strong when I enter the ring fully rested with a calm mindset rather then a tired body and stressed mind. My advice to anyone who wants it, keep your mind strong but calm. Train hard but smart. Stay healthy and fit but listen to your body.

You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new  way to be.

Enjoying life with my girls.