On 29th of September, 2012 I fought the Mud German Muay Thai Championship. The fight was located in Duisburg, Germany. It was an eight-man tournament were the opponents got picked randomly, after the check weight. I felt very confident, I thought back to the Body Attack Cup tournament win, which was just a few fights before. This was my chance to prove myself. It was my first fight in Muay Thai (Thaiboxing) rules.

My first fight was against a fighter from Turkey. He was a bit shorter in height than me, so I was able to knee him to his head. It was completely new for me to clinch, catch kicks and use elbows in a fight. After three tough rounds the judges announced me as the winner by majority decision.
I was qualified for the semifinal. I had watched one of the final fights and realized quickly, that they are tough. The fighter, who won the quarterfinals was supposed to be my opponent in the semifinal but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to fight because of a foot injury. After a judge’s discussion, they put me straight in the final.
While watching the last semifinal fight and guessing who would be my opponent in the final, both fighters fought very hard for the win.

As soon as the winner was announced, I prepared myself to fight the final against the strong fighter from Poland. What I didn’t know was that he broke his right hand in the semifinal fight. The medical team confirmed it. He wasn’t able to fight me in the final. So decision went to the judges and they announced me to the new German Muay Thai Champion. The lesson of this day was, that there is always a risk of injury in a fight. Especially in a tournament. You have to fight smart to not to get injured or hurt. Of course it’s unusual to leave a fight without a mark but you still should try to fight smart to protect yourself. Be protected as well as you can. Wear good hand wraps, warm yourself up and think before you act. In a fight everything is possible!