After a couple of months break from training and fighting due to my broken hand, it was time for my comeback.
The fight for the, No Compromises FC  title was scheduled on the 22nd of February, 2014. The fight was located in Bremen, Germany.
My opponent was the local trainer and experienced Muay Thai fighter, Martin Hoppe.
The Fight was based on K1 rules. Three rounds, each round 3 minutes with a one minute break. The weight limit was -75kg. It was the first time for me to fight in this weight class.
I felt ready for my comeback. The crowd was excited to see the fights. Many of my friends came to support me.

I felt very motivated and was ready to fight.

As soon as the fight started, I quickly realized that I had to move on speed and keep pressure on my opponent. I tried to block the powerful Muay Thai kicks of my opponent and came back with boxing combinations, low- and frontkicks. I was able to use my reach against him and my gameplan worked out.

The audience screamed.

After 3 tough rounds I was announced the new No Compromsises FC Champion!
This title means a lot to me. I broke my hand during a fight in September, 2013.
The doctors told me that I wouldnt be able to fight again in my life.

This diagnoses shocked me. But I didnt give up. I believed in myself.
I kept going, I changed my daily routines and my training. I couldnt accept this diagnoses! I began to swim, did water training and worked on my flexibilty.
I sparred with just one hand. I worked on other skills, used and trained my other weapons. But never, did I give up.
This title is for me personally a confirmation that you can do everything if you just believe in yourself, even if nobody else does.