A month after my No Compromises FCvictory in Bremen, I got an opportunity to fight for the Rough Diamond League Champions Belt, it was scheduled on the 22nd of May, 2012. My opponent was the strong Greek fighter named Gergious Kalaklidis, fighting for the Bonjasky Academie in Almere. His coach was the legendary, multiple K1 Worldchampion, Remy Bonjasky. The fight was located in Waldbroel, Germany. Many of my friends came to watch me in the main event.

I was very motivated and ready for the fight.

As soon as the first round started, I quickly noticed that my opponents boxing skills were very quick and powerful. I kept focus on my game plan which was to use my distance. I was able to stop him with my front kicks and knees to the body. It was a really exciting fight. We tried to pressure each other. So we were always in confrontation. Until the ring bell in the 3rd round.

The crowd went crazy.

After three hard rounds the crowd rewarded us with a big applause. It was a tough fight but real sportsmanship and fair.

The winner by points was announced by the judges. The new Rough Diamond League Champion , Pascal Schroth!
This fight means a lot to me. It was an honor to fight a fighter from such a well-known coach and gym. It showed me that everything is possible as long as you have the confidence and believe in yourself.

Die with your memories, not dreams …