The Kings Cup is held once a year on December 5th, the late kings birthday. It’s a very special day for the Thai-nation and especially for Muay Thai. The late King was very into sports so the “Kings Cup” became the biggest and most meaningful Muay Thai event in Thailand. The fighters fighting in the event, come from different countries, from all over the world. It was a big honor for me to represent Germany in such a meaningful Muay Thai event and in memory of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. 
My first opponent was a strong fighter from South Africa, Jarred Rothwell. He was a traditional tough Muay Thai fighter. He is left handed and had very good timing to use his distance. It was a very exciting fight. In the 3rd round I was able to land a left high kick which knocked him down. The referee started to count. But he was able to continue. I tried to keep the pressure for the last few moments of the fight but he came back strong.
So I took my time knowing that I won this round. After the bell rang, the judges announced me as the winner. That was my ticket to the final fight.

My legs were very bruised from my first fight. I knew I had to fight again in the final against the strong fighter from Thailand, Puenyai Petseemhuen. Who was also the favorite of the tournament. I was told that, if I would win the tournament I would make history. That gave me even more motivation. In all history of the tournament, only two foreigners have ever won it. I saw my chance. I had the will ! My body was like in trance, I felt that I was hurt but I didn’t show anybody. I just kept focusing on the fight. The fight started and my opponent surprised me with explosive strong punches. I wasn’t there to play so if the fight had to be this explosive, I was into it ! I tried to pressure my opponent with boxing combinations with high kicks. We had a very tough first round.
In the 2nd round, I dropped my opponent via body-shot to the liver. After an 8count by the referee he continued. I tried to keep the pressure and used strong elbow punches to finish the fight. Suddenly my opponent started to bleed. At that time I realized, I wanted the win more than anything else ! I kept the pressure and was able to land another strong elbow from up to down. He knocked out, the crowed screamed.

A dream came true.

Winner by knockout in the 2nd round and Kings Cup Champion 2016 was announced Pascal Schroth ! I couldn’t realized what just happened. I had to go to the stage, to show respect to the king. I went on my knees, having this incredible feeling inside me. Proud, honor, respect and happiness. I showed my respect and prayed. The trophy was placed in front of the huge poster of the late King. Really honored, I carefully took the trophy in my hands. The crowed cheered. I earned a lot of respect by the Muay Thai nation. I felt very honored. Over all, I can say that it was a great experience. Well organized, great fighters and a super show. Thanks a lot to WMC for this opportunity.
And of course I want to thank everyone that supports me. You guys are my biggest motivation !